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Thai Coconut Soup

  Thai Coconut Chicken Soup   Canadian winters are cold and give us all a great appreciation for our warm summers. They have a certain charm, watching beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky, forming a blanket of rich whiteness across the ground. The snow almost looks like a white blanket you would find ironically on top of a bed under which Canadians seek warmth in their homes during the cold winter. There is nothing like cooking up a Thai coconut soup to keep yourself warm during these cold winter months. As Canadians cook with Canada's newest version of  Canada's Food Guide , I would like to share with you a recipe I have continuously been refining over the years. The food guide features a simplified way of eating that includes half your plate to be fruits and veggies at every meal if and when possible. Please keep in mind that coconut milk has a significant number of calories and despite what many health experts will claim still has a moderate amount of saturated fat. I t

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