Practicum Experience

Dakota Collegiate High School

Subjects Taught/Observed

Year 1

Term 1 

Grade 10 E Geography- Food From the Land Unit 
Grade 10 Science- Chemistry (Observed)
Grade 9 Physical Education (Stick Sports/Low Organized Games Unit) 
Grade 10 Basketball Academy (Observed)


Grade 10 Physical Education (Nutrition Unit/Low Organized Games)
Grade 10 E Science- Ecosystems Unit

Grade 11 Physical Education Leadership (Observed)
Grade 11 Outdoor Education- Water and Food Safety in the Outdoors

Coaching: Grade 9 Girls Basketball

Volunteer: International Club

Frontenac School

Subjects Taught/Observed
Year 2 

Grade 7/8- Science/Social Studies/Mathematics

Code Club (Approval)
Flag Football