Research Right: Teaching High School Children What Sources of Information are Credible in Health Science

I have decided to write this lesson plan for teachers of science including biology as well as physical and health education. Finding credible health information is challenging. With many ghostwriters continuously creating health content while representing products do not provide evidence based information about diseases, conditions or other health related information.

The lesson plan will incorporate a PowerPoint presentation which can first be presented with the articles examined within the lesson plan. 

The following Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Video will be used as a component of the lesson plan. The clip comes from the television program "The Investigators" and will focus on fake health information with "White Coat Dark Art" host Dr. Brian Goldman (One of my personal favorite shows).

The lesson plan and PowerPoint have been created using the Microsoft suite of products. 

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3) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News Article (2017): Why Fake News is Bad for Your Health 
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